In these LIVE workshops we are going to use CREATIVITY to help bridge the gap between where you are today and where you KNOW you’re meant to be.

By using the magic of the moon and the power of the mind, you will build potent thoughts through the moon cycle to shift yourself from stuck to free. Get ready to learn how to paint sweet mooney faces because they will act as your DELIGHTFUL charms to remember your WISH as you go through this transformative journey. Expect these LIVE classes to be fun, accessible and deeply meaningful!

Class Descriptions

Class 1

The New Moon

Saturday, November 14th  



In this first class, you’ll choose a wish that you want to make into a reality. 

For example:

  • Do you want to add a good habit to your life? 

  • Let go of an unhealthy thought that keeps you stuck?

  • Cool down on the cupcake eating?

  • Love yourself more?

I work with you to create a new thought that will make the first rung on the ladder to your wish coming true.  This is the Magic!

and then...


  •  You’ll learn how to make a Moon Charm that will act as a reminder of your new, POWERFUL thought.

  • You'll learn how to create a moon face that brings you JOY.

  • And you’ll spruce up your charm with ribbons and glitter and a mess of sparkle spray...Your inner 8 year old will love it! Confession my outer 50 year old self loves it too 

Class 2

The Full Moon


Saturday, December 5th


  • In the second class, you’ll check in to see how your new thought is feeling to you? 

  • I’ll help you create a new, EMPOWERING  thought that makes the second rung on the thought  ladder. 

and then…


You’ll learn how to paint a Full Moon Charm to remember your strength and your new EMPOWERING thought. And there will be glitter, oh so much glitter. 

Class 3

Waning Crescent Moon


Saturday, January 2nd 2021 


  • In the third and final class, you will reflect on the shifts you have made and the magic you have experienced through this Moon Cycle.

  • You'll create another empowering thought for the final rung to your thought ladder. Whoop! whoop!

And then… you guessed it!


  • You’ll paint your final Moon Charm with a sweet Waning Crescent Moon marking all the magic you experienced through this Moon Cycle.

  • There will also be a toast to send off your wish to the Universe, maybe a little dance, and again, glitter. So, so much glitter. 

Dates and times for Moon Faces and the Moon Phases with NeetyDeeArt

  Class 1: Saturday, November 14th 4pm-6pm

Class 2: Saturday, December 5th 4pm-6pm 

      Class 3: Saturday, January 2nd 2021 4pm-6pm